Saturday, 23 January 2010

What happens when G is taking a break ?

Dear Glorious Riders,

Regarding these super convenient changes that occur these days,
Saturday, today I was running like a foolish to get the shuttle bus instead of the Glorious Train and I realized that even if it is annoying the fact that there is no G there are still some nice optimistic things to think about :

- The glorious G symbol appears on a bus! + there are posters all over the place with our funky G-lorious green symbol, think of it as a promotion.
- I saw the G-lorious riders finally meeting over-ground instead of the dungeons and interacting with each other. (I do not want to mention the cold weather I will just keep the interaction part.)
- Since I didn't know there was no train I did some exercise walking down and then up and then running to catch up the bus.
- G train pulls the attention and messes up the whole subway system as an underground rebel should do.

This Is so far,

Loyal G- Rider.

1 comment:

  1. Ok, so lets keep the G train off the tracks. That way the we can see the G sign all over the place. Even in Manhattan!