Saturday, 30 January 2010

and the G Bus.

To be honest, this G shuttle bus combined with the cold it is not working at all. But I still have some positive thoughts to share since we are humans and we need/tend to think positive.
- The G shuttle bus driver yesterday (Saturday) was amazingly polite. He said "hello" and I said "thank you!" at the end of my ride! He was way more than helpful when lost people were asking him where to get the G bus or when they were asking him about where they need to get off and he was also waiting for more people to get on bus. Plain gentleness.
- When I was waiting for the Jay street bus I was smiling on my own with this new setting for G-lorious riders. Instead of being all spread to the platforms where you would rarely see most of the riders, waiting on the street lets you have eye contact with each one of them. And what I sensed from their looks was a great support for each other.
- I never really knew where was which G subway station. Yesterday I discovered that there are some stations probably closer to me or closer to places I want to go sometimes. But this is personal. Most Brooklyn residents know where is Myrtle Willoughbuy etc..

So long..

Updates on G train

Yesterday (Friday) a gentleman walks in and if I am not mistaken he starts complaining about people's manners in the subway and how everybody might be more polite with a lady because she is a lady. He keeps yelling and he has a conversation with him self and I hardly understand what he says and THEN a younger gentleman goes like : "I agree with you!" really serious and then another one : "ME too!" and then the first and oldest gentleman makes a nod and stops talking for the rest of my ride. No comments about the importance of showing to people that you pay attention to them.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

What happens when G is taking a break ?

Dear Glorious Riders,

Regarding these super convenient changes that occur these days,
Saturday, today I was running like a foolish to get the shuttle bus instead of the Glorious Train and I realized that even if it is annoying the fact that there is no G there are still some nice optimistic things to think about :

- The glorious G symbol appears on a bus! + there are posters all over the place with our funky G-lorious green symbol, think of it as a promotion.
- I saw the G-lorious riders finally meeting over-ground instead of the dungeons and interacting with each other. (I do not want to mention the cold weather I will just keep the interaction part.)
- Since I didn't know there was no train I did some exercise walking down and then up and then running to catch up the bus.
- G train pulls the attention and messes up the whole subway system as an underground rebel should do.

This Is so far,

Loyal G- Rider.