Thursday, 31 December 2009

* * * Happy G-Lorious New Year * * *

Dear G-lorious Riders,

from the part of the Glorious G, we wish you the very best and we hope that 2010 will bring even more glory to out favourite G! And hopefully some more service changes ;)

Be happy and G-lorious

Monday, 21 December 2009

Snow and G train * *

Is it my idea or it is colder down to the G-lorious Dungeons? Also, going down there yesterday (Classon Station) I was the only person standing in both platforms. The only individuals that kept hanging out, were 2 g-lorious rats eating the remains of a chicken finger. Of course I do not need to mention that they weren't annoyed at all by my presence. At all!
* Hoyt-Schermerhon yesterday had some nice "waterfalls" effects. I really enjoyed them. Nice waters coming from the upper level and falling down to the platform where we, G-lorious people were standing.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

* G train rats deserve a word *

Dear G,

Is there a navigation system (for the rats) inside the holes of the walls?

The other days after missing the G train I found my self alone on the platform. That's ok, it has happened to me before. So being alone, I am aware that I have many chances of encountering a rat... (ON the platform). And so it happens. I see him, 3 feet away from me (Left side). It's ok, i say to myself... He will not bother me but I kept an eye on him to make sure I control his whereabouts. And he hangs out for a while, searching for a snack and then some more people arrive... NOW! you all know these tiny holes where the rats get in right? right! So i see the rat getting in one of those.. Fair enough! 30 seconds later... the same rat (I assume), appears from another hole on my right side (same platform) where it was like he knew exactly the coordinates so he will not bump into humans! damn! either they are smart either they have gps! I also believe it would be cool for them to have apartment numbers outside the holes ... like Metropolitan Hole 1F (to church avenue).

* The G-lorious G was fighting for Glory *

Loyal Riders,

The G-lorious one will make a new appearance after this weekend. Keeping believing and the G-lory will reach you soon.