Thursday, 25 March 2010

Happened today.

So I am waiting for the Glorious one. Judging from the faces of the people that were already there, the G for one more time was super late. And then, finally the very known light in the tunnel. Ok, smiley faces etc... And poetically enough, I feel the air ("I can feel it coming in the air tonight"), which blows my hair and then I realize that the car that runs in front of my eyes is a new one (like the L train cars) which automatically buried my hopes to get on the G. True. The train left the platform as fast as it entered it.

Also, the other days I got a picture of the security camera. (with a little help from a friend). I share it with you with a quote that came to mind :

"People, no matter how persistently you are staring at the tunnel, the train will not come faster, believe me."

The Loyal Rider.


  1. It,s not a security camera. It is supposed to help the train conductor in safely closing and opening the train doors if he views the image of the train platform edge that is shown. Big Brother is neither watching you or the muggers, or both, as the case may be, at least not here. But smile just in case......

  2. Hey your timestamp is three hours off/slow. Kind of like the G train, no?