Friday, 6 November 2009

G-lorious Story : November 4th 7.26 pm

I thankfully catch up the train but when I wait for the doors to open, nothing really happens. The train car in front of me was empty and locked. :P Then, from my right side I hear somebody calling me... "Here! Here!" ha! A police officer waived at me and hold the door of the next car.. (ALL this time I almost had a heart attack thinking that there was a chance that this train leaves without me!) So, I finally board on the train :P and.... there were 10 police officers ! 10? Tell me which train has 10 police officers for security ! This is attraction. Let me say also there was music playing ( have no idea who had the music playing) but one of the police officers was changing the lyrics and singing something like "Jesus I love you... yoouououou"... and I think to my self : G train : where amazing happens :P


  1. Cute blog. :) Saw a sticker when I got on at Nassau today.

  2. I had Mariachis get on my car one time. In the morning. On the way to work. Who has Mariachis get on your transport going to work? You if you ride the Shorty G.